We develop and facilitate artful learning events, programs and mentoring on site, in schools, and organisations with a love of learning and creativity at their centre. Our repertoire includes:

  • Creative Mentoring for educational leadership – inspiring a subject, interest or team of staff.
  • Arts and project-based learning opportunities – visual arts, drama, music and sustainability, STEAM. Cultivating a thriving school culture through the arts.
  • Multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary thematic workshops.
  • Developing or expanding expertise in arts education– planning, assessment and evaluation of programs.
  • Promoting balance, wellness and sustainability in your work centre.

We also facilitate professional learning opportunities in arts, wellbeing, sustainability and leadership. Crafted to the needs of Principals, teachers, support and administration staff.​ Let us design and conduct a one hour workshop, day program or a series of programs with you – all linked to your state or territory curriculum outcomes or contextual needs.​


We conduct innovative research into the education process and environment, and report back in a timely manner.


Fundamental to our passion is connecting and cultivating community through the creative arts. We harness this through:

  • Community events, workshops, gatherings and installations
  • Skill sharing
  • Creative arts and community networking
  • Capacity building for life-long learning
  • Responding to community needs through the arts
  • Connecting people, community groups and organisations


Drawing on our broad arts expertise we provide creative consultancy and collaborative partnerships fit for purpose, targeting:

  • ​Creative project development and support
  • Team and culture building through the creative arts
  • Partnership success and leadership
  • Well-being and community engagement
  • Balancing your work centre

​We also take great joy in designing and conducting one hour workshops, day programs or a series of programs linked to your particular needs.