BNG Learning were fortunate to secure the talents and generosity of Indigenous artist Cassie Leatham. Cassie is from the Taungurung / Wurundjeri people from the Kulin Nation. She was born on GunaiKurnai. Cassie is a master weaver with the Victorian Aboriginal Weaving Collective and can be found exploring the bushland and coast around Gippsland and surrounding areas, gaining knowledge in edible plants, survival skills, massacre sites and connecting with her heritage.

It is this knowledge and skill that Cassie generously shared through a series of workshops on weaving and bushtukka, with BNG Learning and Xavier High School. Participants learnt to identify native plants, learn traditional and medicinal uses of native indigenous plants and cook some tasty treats using bush spices. Cassie makes her own range of bush spices, teaching participants how to cook with them.

In addition to this, traditional weaving materials, preparatory processes and construction techniques were shared, resulting in the creation of some beautiful pieces and the identification of a few master weavers of the future.

Cassie is a highly engaging presenter and feels the responsibility, through her workshops and teachings, to nurture and keep her culture alive so that it can be passed on for generations to come.

It was our privilege to work with Cassie and we hope there will be more opportunities to collaborate in the future.


Collaboration, indigenous cultural understanding, story telling, problem solving, creative networking.