UPSTREAM -Festival of Arts and Culture Albury Wodonga March 2020

As an arts facilitator BNG was approached by Albury City Council to be part of the inaugural Upstream Festival. The request was for Lanterns and a Lantern Workshop for all ages to be held at Noreuil Park in Albury on the evening of March 6th 2020.

BNG constructed 5 large-2 metre fish from bamboo, cane and tissue paper. 3 were decorated by Albury High, Xavier and Scots students. In addition 10 smaller fish were made. 5 1.2 metre stars were constructed. All were filled with lights and hung in the trees at Noreuil Park along the riverbank ready to glow as the darkness grew.

100 smaller pyramid lanterns were created and children and families came to decorate these late in the afternoon.


Community engagement and collaboration, creative expression.