This project was a collaboration between BNG Learning, Glenroy Public School and ACSAG Albury and District Aged Care. Through music the project endeavoured to connect school children with older people in our community for social interaction, the development of empathy, exercise, music and enjoyment.

​Over an 8 week period students visited Albury and District Aged Care to meet the residents and learn the selected songs together; in between visits they continued rehearsing in their own settings. Teachers also explored curriculum links to promote further learning and connection with the nursing home residents. In the last week of the program parents and community members were invited to a sing-along concert of repertoire learnt over the term.

Based on existing programs from the Arts Health Institute, the project was developed and facilitated by BNG Learning staff, a music specialist and aided by the classroom teachers.

​It was heartwarming to witness through the power of song the creation of connections across generations along with a whole lot of joy, smiles, happiness and social engagement.


Collaboration, inter-generational community building, social engagement story telling, literacy & numeracy, laughter, improved wellbeing