The impetus for this program was to provide primary and secondary students at The Scots School Albury with an opportunity to access drama skills outside of their timetabled commitments. The drama sessions allowed students who wanted to extend their acting skills and perform for an audience.

The program which ran over two terms engaged students in the creation, development and performance of a short theatrical piece showcased to family, friends and the school community.

Areas of engagement included warm ups-including stretches and games appropriate for voice and body, as well as interactive activities to increase group cohesion and spatial awareness. Also the introduction to and use of improvisational and acting methods, development of skills required to inhabit a character, exploration of dramatic situations and the creation of a group performance were all central to each session. There was additional investment in focus and awareness of the use of space and proxemics to create imaginary places and narratives.

The stimulus for the final piece included music, dance, art, object/props and text and was a culmination of hard work and determination on behalf of all involved.


Problem posing & solving, creating, improvisation, character, situation, place and time, group cohesion, spatial awareness, critical and divergent thinking, recording & rethinking, story telling, communication