In collaboration with Library-Musuem staff, community members and Aged Care facilitators this project was designed to:

  • Develop and present a range of events to attract and engage our diverse community
  • Explore ways to improve the public knowledge of, and access to, local community and cultural heritage
  • Develop Cultural programs from within our community in the fields of theatre, fine art, social history, literature, and cultural development
  • Develop and implement cultural education programs
  • Provide support to the community to increase positive social outcomes
  • Promote, advocate, and provide facilities and activities for an older population
  • Facilitate opportunities to merge the ages so that young learn from old and old learn from young
  • Encourage cultural expression by people from a variety of cultural backgrounds

Residents from Four Aged care facilities from the Albury-Wodonga area participated in this 4-week program. Elders from our community, their carers & sometimes family members experienced a variety of exhibitions and artefacts from the Museum, learned from, and shared their own stories with, Museum staff and enjoyed a delicious morning or afternoon and conversation at the end of each session.

The diversity of exhibitions as well as the regular local historical artifacts stimulated recollections, stories and much positive interaction. The program is built on scaffolding below.


Story telling, community engagement, collaboration, wisdom sharing, well being.


Connect & Collaborate with LibraryMusuem personnel

Negotiate timeline and diverse content (ongoing)


Connect and build relationships with Aged Care providers and associated organisations

Promote workshops through networks, Aged Care facilities & organisations

Human interest snapshots through traditional and social media


Take registrations for workshops

Pre-Workshop information gathering

Workshop One – exhibition One + evaluation

Workshop Two – exhibition Two

Workshop Three – exhibition Three

Workshop Four with celebration + evaluation