Running each school holidays this program allows kids to have fun, get creative and develop critical thinking skills through drama, movement, music and visual arts.

Research demonstrates that the arts make space for cognitive exercise, development of psycho-motor skills, confidence and of course fun and play.

Each holiday session is developed with a different focus providing a range of experiences which immerse participants in broad creative arts experiences connected by an overarching theme.

Participants are offered opportunities in various styles of printmaking (monoprinting, stenciling, collographs), drawing, painting, theatre games, creative play and collaboration. The experience culminates in the creation Visual Arts Folio and an exhibition of participants street art at Guru’s Star Cafe, Albury.

BNG Learning has explored a range of programs specifically for young people aged 7-12 years, 9-12 years and 5-8 years of age.


Collaboration, imagination, story telling, literacy & numeracy, abstract thinking, problem solving, creativity, artmaking, drama.