This was a further venture into the development of creative networks within the region. As a way to open doors and insights into diverse creative spaces a social gathering of makers, creators and creative wannabe’s of all varieties was established.

The creative tribe were invited to bring current ideas, writing, composition, small scale works/projects, journal, music, knitting, colouring in…whatever they wanted to work on! Or they could simply sit back and relax with some great conversation, food and wine.

This was a meaningful way of creating new connections, sharing creative conversation and discourse on the world of the arts and their importance in our community. New friendships were formed and opportunities explored for future consideration.

We look forward to exploring more artistic spaces into the future! If you have a space you would like to share, be it grand or humble, for a one off social and creative gathering, please get in touch with us through our contact page or facebook


Collaboration, community building, story telling, problem solving, wisdom sharing, laughter, improved wellbeing, networking